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Monday, 10 October 2011

Who is Responsible for the bad image of Islam, Muslims or the West?

THERE is all round criticism today that Islam is a fascist, totalitarian, political ideology hiding behind "religion". It is not a religion which promote peace but hate only. Its a fact that Muslims have been stereotyped in the West, but The truth is Muslims give many reasons to hate them. Some people claim that Muslims get bad press in the media and consider it a totally politically motivated conspiracy against the Islamic world with a particular agenda by the west or the powerful propaganda that is spread across the world against Muslims by the Zionists, this argument might be valid to some extant but frankly speaking It is also a fact that Muslims get bad press because there has been nothing good to write about. Instead of contributing in technology and development they have produced nothing but violence and unrest during last century and lately.

Almost all terrorism throughout the World is associated with Islam It is true that Every Muslim is not a terrorist but every terrorist is a Muslim and Muslims are responsible for their own bad image and for the bad image of religion Islam, to put the blame on west for every failure is totally unjust.

Somebody who was given the citizen of USA, whom people assumed as one of their fellow citizen and when he tried to kill innocent people and claims in court that he was "Allah’s soldier"; this is an act of terrorism. Before a suicide bomber detonates its jacket the last words are heard as "Allah u Akbar" this is an act of terrorism in the name of religion Islam, Its true that people from every religion and society commit crimes and do evil kind of things but they do not kill people in the name of their religion, Its Muslims who kill innocent people in the name of Religion Islam and because of them Islam is portrayed as a religion of pieces rather than religion of peace, When you pick up a paper or listen to the news you will hear words like Terrorists, Islamists, Fanatics used to portray Muslims.

It is important to note that when did good Muslims go after the bad ones? When did Arab league or OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) has condemned or tried to stop these terrorists who r killing innocents in the name of Religion Islam?Why the west has to do it all the time, why Muslims are letting others to point fingers on them, why don't they step ahead and openly condemn this extremism, as for now if any bad incident happens it is first looked as an act of Islam. In fact Muslims themselves are responsible for their own bad image.

Islam was always considered as a religion of peace, Islam cannot be responsible how people interpret it or act upon it. We are only responsible for our own behaviors and will be held to account on Yawm Id-din. Muslims themselves have to be daring and take initiative in bringing about change and fight terrorism. We don’t need to shape our identities, we should look at ourselves in the mirror. Thus all this has to change, and in view of the doctrine of accountability, it is an individual who is ultimately responsible for his beliefs and deeds, not anyone else. Thus old ways of issuing fatwas should change. Emphasis should be on educating people and leaving everything else to their conscience. This will result in democracy, pluralist values and tolerance. This is the most essential reform needed today in the Islamic world. These trends need to be strengthened more and more.

I wish the Islamic community would step up and do something to curb the violence and make an effort to re-educate the lost souls who commit murder in the name of their religion Islam. Muslim states under the flag of OIC and Arab league should exert pressure on these terrorist groups to at least minimize their activities, stop there channels of fund collection and condemn these terrorizing acts publicly which are portraying Islam as a most violent religion rather than chanting slogans and staging demonstrations against west.


  1. you certainly have a knack for writing. very few muslim writers try to grip the problem from the root, and that's why they may write books but fail to explain even the most basic causes as to why extremism is so much prevelent in islamic countries.
    no doubt other religions too have bad apples, but they are criticized by members of their faith only and that's why their acts seldom colour the entire community in the same hue.

    however, the thing is that because of lack of modern education the common masses interpret the religion as told to them by the mullahs. and in this atmosphere when muslims are widely percieved as victims(rightly so, considering what is happening in afghanistan and palestine, and has happened in iraq) leave mullahs even intellectual find it difficult to criticize the actions, since in muslim world these are percieved only as retaliation and never as acts of aggression.

    the islamic world is in quagmire, and seems to be sinking even deeper, and should iran get attacked, the situation would take even a far worse turn.